The Bedtime Routine

Routine, Routine, Routine!
Routine is so important. Babies and children LOVE routine as it makes them feel safe. Having a bedtime routine helps prepare your little one for what’s to come… sleep! Having a bedtime routine can also help prevent future sleep problems.
The key to an efficient and effective bedtime routine is to not let it drag on too long where it can then lose focus. Half an hour is plenty of time. Things you can incorporate into the bedtime routine can be: a short bath, massage, lullaby, cuddle, feed and story. Be mindful not to create too much stimulation during this time. Once you have prepared your little one for bed, don’t take them back into the stimulating environment they have been playing in during the day. Instead, take them into their dimly lit bedroom. Some children like to have a nightlight, ensure it is one that doesn’t emit blue light as this can affect melatonin production.
The bedtime routine should be an enjoyable time for you and your little ones. We’d love to hear more about your bedtime routines 🙂 what are your favourite things to include?


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