Sleep Support

 Under 6 months

Any sort of training is not advised for babies under 6 months as it is perfectly normal for a baby of this age to wake at night for a feed.
However, there is a lot you can do in the early days to help set up good sleep habits and associations. This package includes all the tools and knowledge to equip you to lay the foundations for fostering excellent sleep habits in your little one. Advice is tailored around on instilling good sleeping habits up to 6 months including establishing a bedtime routine.

  • Telephone consultation lasting 30 minutes. During this time I will answer any questions you have and send you an agreed plan via email.
  • Sleep information pack (this includes information on the importance of sleep, naps, overtiredness, settling techniques and information regarding safer sleep)
  • Two follow up emails

Over 6 months +

This package would suit you if you would like to reduce/stop night feeds, are experiencing issues around night waking, having problems at bedtime or have a little one who is an early riser.
  • 1 hour telephone consultation (this can be done over Skype/FaceTime if you prefer)
  • Sleep questionnaire and sleep diary to gain a holistic view of your little one’s life
  • Bespoke sleep plan sent via email within 48 hours
  • Follow up telephone call
  • unlimited email support for 2 weeks

Email Support

​If you have a question about sleep that isn’t too complex, for example about nap routines, length of naps, jet lag, managing sleep when away from the home environment or settling your little one into a cot/bed we offer a one-off email support service – £30.00

Group Sessions

We also offer group sessions for you and your friends to discuss anything sleep related. This can happen at your home or local café – wherever you prefer! We would be delighted to discuss your group requirements further so please do get in touch