My little girl has never been a good sleeper but when she hit 10 months she went from waking a couple of times a night to waking as many as 10 times a night and refusing to settle anywhere but on me. After a couple of weeks of no sleep I called Harriet. Straight away she made me feel so much better. She explained about separation anxiety and how it peaks at around this age. She gave me some games to play through the day to help my little one learn we always come back, and we agreed on some sleep techniques for the night time that I was comfortable with and fitted my parenting style. I’m happy to say that we noticed a difference within a week. Now a couple of weeks later Astrid stays in her own bed from 7-7 with one wake up in the early hours when she settles down quickly. The improvement is astounding and it’s all thanks to Harriet and her help

Megan, mother to Astrid, 10 months